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Payment policy
Payment for your entry must be received within 5 working days of you submitting your entry. Until your payment is received you do not hold an entry to the event. Only when your payment is received will your entry be considered an official confirmed entry to the event. Should you not to make payment in time, your entry will be deleted.

Refund policy
Please note that our “no refunds” policy applies to all entries – unless a substitution can be found at least two weeks before the event. It is the participant’s responsibility to find a substitution, not the organisers’. If a participant intends to withdraw, he or she must inform the organisers immediately and check if there is a waiting list in place – if there is, their entry will be offered to the next athlete in line. If not, the participant must find someone to take their place. Please note that a refund will only be given once a substitute is found and they have paid for their entry. Under no circumstances may someone take part under another athlete’s name. Please be aware that failure to appear at an event for which you are registered means that your entry fee will neither be refunded nor transferred to the following year’s event.

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